Consultative Training FAQ

Q1. What are the factors that need to be considered when determining the duration of this service?

A1. Even though we will line-up few hands-on courses for the customer, those courses will only be conducted if we feel that they are necessary to bridge the technical team’s skillset. As the technical team will be involved in the company’s daily operation, half day course approach will be deployed to work within the technical team’s working schedule.

Q2: Will DBORA Consulting Technical Advisors be the one who would plan and implement/execute any technical recommendations that arise from this exercise?.

A2. This service encourages the customer to take the lead in managing, administering and maintaining its environment. We will only provide the guidance in accelerating the learning process.

Q3: What tools/scripts will be used for this service?

A3: We will attempt to use any existing set of tools that the customer currently uses to manage their operating environment to facilitate us in carrying out this service. Failing which, we will share our own set of tools/scripts that we have developed over the years with the customer. They are no trade secrets since you can find snippets of the tools/scripts that are already available in the internet. The emphasis is not on the tools but rather on the a learnable and repeatable methodology.