One of the most difficult jobs for many DBAs is to respond to system performance crises. You may not know it yet, but one of the reasons it's so hard to fix performance problems is that you've been trained to look for them in the wrong places. Your system's performance problems aren't where you might think they are. If you find that Oracle performance tuning is really difficult, then chances are excellent that you are doing it wrong. Now here is the scary part; You are doing it wrong because you have been taught to do it that way.

One of the first things you might notice in the literature available today is the striking absence of an actual method. Most authors focus far more attention on tips and techiniques than on methods. The result is a massive battery of "things you might want to do" which virtually no structure present to tell you whether or when its appropriate to do each.

What if you could learn a repeatable, scientific approach for finding and fixing performance problems that works every time? You would cut your diagnosis time to a fraction of what it is today. You would increase your management's confidence in your recommendations about how to invest into your system. Oracle problems can be political, we’re not. We’re candid, concise and fast. 


1. The method we promote improves the value of the system to the business.

2. The method promotes the need for all technicians in the technology stack that is part of the business to be involved.

3. The method is response-time based performance improvement method that yields maximum economic value to your business.