DBORA for System Engineers and Managers

Most of the Oracle systems we have reviewed, work about twice as hard as they need to. The way most Oracle database administrators and performance analysts have been trained actually stimulates the problem. Your performance problems evade solution because your staff, your consultants, and your tools look in the wrong places.

What if your staff could identify and eliminate inefficiencies that would free up 50% of your systems' capacity? You'd make your applications faster for everyone. You could postpone your next hardware upgrade, and you might be able to avoid migrating your application to a costlier, more complex architecture. You might be able to save license fees by consolidating your applications onto fewer servers. DBORA can identify and eliminate the wasteful workload that's hiding from your staff.

Oracle performance forecast is not only for capacity planning for future growth; it is also to ensure the current system configuration is correctly and adequately sized for the business. Avoiding unnecessary hardware upgrade should be one of the key objectives of IT managers. Providing the necessary understanding to System Engineers and IT Managers allows them to fully optimize Oracle on the chosen infrastruture and optimize IT investment.


1. Provide technical appreciation and Understanding of Oracle in relation to the underlying operating infrastructure.

2. Provide the tools and the mechanics to ensure that Oracle capacity is correctly sized.

3. Provide the tools and the methodology to forecast system capacity to support business growth.