End-to-End Tuning FAQ

Q1. How long it would normally take to complete this service?

A1. Unlike Continuous Operational Readiness Service, the objective of this exercise is to improve a performance issue that has been pre-determined by the customer. It is rather difficult to put the approximate number of days this service will take since it predominantly depends on the nature of the performance issue.

Q2: Which operating systems can this service be performed?.

A2. This service is currently available for databases running on UNIX (including Linux) and Microsoft Windows.

Q3: What tools/scripts will be used for this service?

A3: We will use our own set of tools/scripts that we have developed over the years. They are no trade secrets since you can find snippets of the tools/scripts in the internet.

Q4: Would my database experience performance degradation when we carry out this service?

A4: Based on our experience, if your database is already experiencing severe performance degradation, our collector may further aggravate the slowness that your end users are experiencing. That’s why before we run the collector at full throttle; we will carry out a brief run of our collector to determine the level of performance degradation that the database is currently in. If the situation does not permit then a scale down versions of our collector will be deployed instead.