Wouldn’t you like to have a crystal ball that allows you to see future IT problems? How would seeing what happens in your infrastructure in the future impact the way you manage it today? There is a natural evolution among what is considered reactive, proactive, and predictive technology, and this evolution corresponds to the maturity level of your IT organization and the tools/process you leverage. While a proactive approach to IT management was once the apex of IT maturity, simply “looking through the crystal ball” is no longer the most viable line of defence against service threats.

By moving beyond the crystal ball with predictive, intelligent solutions and processes, you will best align IT with the business and not only defend, but also help drive, company profits. No matter where your organization lies in terms of maturity, the end goal is the same: to effectively manage an increasingly intricate infrastructure. To accomplish this objective, IT organizations must be able to predict and solve problems before they affect the customer.

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