Is Exadata Right for me?

Is Exadata the right database platform for every Oracle database or does it make sense for certain kinds of Oracle database? Most importantly, is Oracle Exadata the right fit for your database workload? The answers to these questions can be complex as they entail measuring the benefits an Oracle Exadata Database Machine may deliver in your business against the financial investment it entails. Properly qualifying your existing production workload for Exadata platform migration is thus very important for making that crucial business decision on whether Oracle Exadata is the right fit or not. 

The best way to answer these questions is to run your production database on Exadata, perform a formal load test and collect performance benchmarks statistics and evaluate its benefits. This effort often requires considerable planning and investment either leasing or purchasing the Exadata database machine. Database workload qualification for Oracle Exadata really boils down to the following questions:-

1) Will Exadata software features be utilized with my current workload?

2) Will the performance gains offered by these software features provide enough business value to justify the cost?

Service Summary
DBORA Consulting’s PerfEXA service can help you make intelligent decisions up front using data from your production environment to provide a reasonable level of confidence in what Exadata will do for you. All analysis is performed using data from your existing production database server. There is NO need to either lease or purchase the Exadata database machine. If you are already an Exadata customer, the service can still be valuable in evaluating other production databases for Exadata migration consideration.

Workload Statistics Collection
DBORA Consulting uses its own set of tools called PerfEXA which comprises of in-house built SQL and Unix shell script to collect the relevant production statistics to qualify and quantify your business workload. There are primarily two main focus area for statistics collection in preparing for Exdata migration.

1) Sizing Exadata

2) Workload Qualification

Please call us for an appointment to discuss in detail the scope of what we cover and delivery methodology. 

Helps you make intelligent decisions up front on Exadata platform migration consideration. 
Efforts are focused on the workload qualification and quantification process rather then trying to configure and understand a product that collects the data.
PerfEXA service takes the guessing game out of the equation by providing reasonable level of confidence in considering Oracle Exadata platform.
Tools used are specifically developed for the purpose of Exadata workload qualification and quantification analysis.