Oracle Forecasting

Facts are the foundation for any capacity planning and forecasting project. All too often capacity planning and forecasting depends on low precision methods such as rules of thumb or ad hoc spreadsheets. When it does, stake holders and decision makers are left to guess. The results of making a wrong guess can be costly and disastrous. Our performance forecasting service enables fact-based sizing conversations empowering you to make the right sizing decision. It's a better way to manage service levels.

We can help answer some common and serious business questions most IT manages needs to deal with:

1. How long can our system sustain our current business load and growth in terms of CPU, I/O and memory
2. Can our system handle the additional load expected next month, quarter or year?
3. We understand we need to upgrade our database server, how many additional CPU do we need?
4. We want to consolidate our database instances running on separate servers, how do we size up the server?
5. I want to cutover a new application module into our production environment and I don’t know the impact it would have on the overall system performance.

Using a proven true and tried Oracle forecasting methodology we have saved many customers in making the right decison on server sizing saving them significant money. The following is our methodology used for Oracle CPU and I/O forecasting. 

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Identify risk of overutilized resources on your production system as it is today.
Help manage service levels from a business value perspective.
Predict which component of the architecture is at risk.
Predict (Forecast) when the system will be at risk.
Develop multiple risk mitigation strategies to ensure service levels are maintained.

DBAs, Service Level Managers and Infrastructure support Managers have much to gain from this service.