Oracle Implementation Healthcheck

An ideal Healthcheck service should provide an overview of a database’s stability across these major areas in line with key business requirement for consideration:

>>  Availability
>>  Performance
>>  Scalability
>>  Security

Our Oracle Implementation Healthcheck service is a carefully crafted program designed to review the efficiency as well as effectiveness of Oracle’s database technologies in the existing production business environments. There are many types of service interruptions related to the Oracle database that can strike a business enterprise. To the extent possible, the ones that can be foreseen should be anticipated and dealt with proactively. This HealthCheck service identifies risks and attempts to lay out an action plan to mitigate them.

There are numerous items that relate to database performance. However, key elements of this score will reflect the use of indexes, table fragmentation and I/O balance, optimizer statistics, parameter optimization, transaction logging, session activity, cache utilizations, and others. These areas will be investigated extensively based on the overall behavior of the database. Each component of the analysis will be detailed in the report that is delivered at the completion of the service.

While the above analysis strives to leverage hardware and software to its fullest potential, the overall objective of the assessment strives to provide operational stability to the environment to ensure smooth operation of the business. 


This is not a database or SQL performance tuning service.  

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The scope of analysis in the context of availability, performance, scalability and security are key areas to the business.

The focus of the analysis is very business centric.

Recommendations put forth from the study is focussed in achieving economic returns to the business.