How can DBORA Help you?

Responding to an Oracle performance problem can be a complicated task involving people from several departments within your business (users, system managers, database managers, network engineers, application developers, hardware engineer, and so on) and possibly even from several of your hardware and software vendors as well.

DBORA Consulting positions itself as Performance Tuning analyst and Performance Forecast analyst.


As a performance analyst the role involves activities in a performance improvement project:

1. Targeting: Responsible for properly defining the problem and designing a performance improvement project to fix the right problem.
2. Analysis: Responsible for ensuring that a performance improvement project project wiil achieve its desired target with the least economic   investment.
3. Implementation: Responsible for ensuring that the performance improvement project results in real progress in the actual live system.


As a performance forecast analyst the DBORA can help answer questions such as:

1. How long will my current system hold before it runs out of CPU capacity to support my business transaction workload?
2. We want to consolidate our two database servers into a single server, what should the right CPU configuration?
3. How can I predict which component of the architecure will be at risk with business transaction growth?
4. How can I develop risk mitigation strategies to ensure service levels are maintained?

Additionally DBORA Consulting also promotes high skills transfer through both its consultative training model advanced Oracle training programs.





We are just a phone call away and there is no obligation for you to consult us. We may have not listed all that we are capable of doing in the context of the Oracle technology so its best to ask us.

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