How are we Different ?

DBORA has developed a unique method to analyze and optimize the performance of any Oracle-based application. DBORA employs an methodology named PerfN2N that goes beyond the Oracle database to analyze performance issues. Rather than take more traditional approaches which look at resource utilizations to understand if there are issues. DBORA focuses on business transaction response time.

We focus from an end-user's perspective, by first trying to understand, which transactions in an application that are slow and important enough to be fixed. Secondly, we try to break down the end-user transaction's response time, across all the different service times and across all the different technical components of the Oracle architecture as they process each transaction to see where the transaction is spending it's time.

Meeting customers' business transaction SLAs are key to the approach we take. Our aim is NOT about achieving acceptable database and system performance statistics ratios or implementing best practices but rather achieve measureable performance gains that makes economic sense to the business. 

Our Diffrentiator

When we undertake to address a performance issue or simply troubleshoot an Oracle related problem; we do not confine ourselves to just looking at the Oracle database. Our problem determination scope is much wider than just the database.

Our problem determination methodology is designed as such that it forces us to understand and review the various technology stack that can and may contribute to the problem being investigated. We do not treat symptoms but strive towards identifying the root cause of the symptoms.