Pricing Policy

Our guiding principle for pricing is Statement of Work (SOW), complexity of the task and time. Whether the cost of our service is expensive or cheap depends entirely on the statement of work. We don’t proclaim to be neither the cheapest nor most expensive but rather reasonable against the SOW. Here’s the thing – for those that don’t understand what we do, or the value we create, we could cut our price by 2/3 and they still wouldn’t engage us. Talk to us to get a better understanding on our deliverable and the fee we charge.


It may be quick and cheap – but it won’t be good

It may be good and cheap – but it won’t be quick

It may be good and quick – but it won’t be cheap



Free is a Magic Number

Free is an attractive pricing strategy, perhaps because it is seen to overcome the perception of risk. However, giving something away for free can seriously undermine its value hence our services does not come FREE since it has significant value!