Consultative Training

Achieving business results through education and training requires a unique partnership. Our key focus in this service is solving your Oracle based system related business problems through a consultative approach. We work collaboratively with you in a trusting and open environment to deliver performance improvement solutions which can be sustained within your work environment.

Our consultative approach is to empower your technical support staff on how to define the problem, collect the right statistics using the right tools, analysing the statistics and coming up with risk mitigation actionable solutions. Your tech staff would learn to present the findings via presentation and reports. Our ultimate goal of this service is to empower your tech staff on the art of effective troubleshooting and rectification of Oracle related issues and be self-sufficient. Our consultative training service is designed to integrate into your workplace. The flexible delivery options aligns with your business objectives and work around your constraints to ensure that you retain productivity throughout the learning process.

We use industry-leading learning principles, which focus on creating real-life connections to your business outcomes. This is reinforced through hands-on learning in real production environment, with the opportunity to share, explore and extend the learning outcomes into the workplace. We advocate the saying “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand” Hence we promote high skills transfer and empowerment through involvement to enhance the learning experience.

Please call us for a list of onsite customizable classroom Oracle technical training offerings.

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Reduce your 3rd party support cost and experience faster turnaround to problem resolution.

Empowers your technical staff on the know how.

Method introduced and taught are applicable for addressing a wide variety of problem scenarios.

Other than technical troubleshooting skills the training methodology also enhances soft-skills development such as presentation skills and technical report writing.